Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's Zero Yard Completion to Himself Sums Up His Career

By Dave Daniels
Ryan Fitzpatrick Will be Good for Tennessee Titans Going Forward
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Ryan Fitzpatrick might have just officially flushed his football career down the toilet, but at least he has that degree from Harvard to fall back on to right? It is hard to feel sorry for the guy given all of the options at his disposal, but a beatifully sad play happened last weekend that serves as a perfect metaphor for Fitzpatrick’s entire career.

He completed a zero yard completion to himself which you can check out below if you can stop yourself crying from laughter.

Captain Checkdown as I used to call Fitzy back in his Buffalo days, will not last long for the Tennessee Titans, and it would not surprise me if he were cut before the end of the year. This pass will not unseat last year’s Butt Fumble for embarrassment, but it is pretty close. And any time someone is comparing you to Mark Sanchez, you just might be in for a rough year.

Do not get me wrong, I am rooting for Fitzpatrick and his future, but just do not see this going to well at least from a football perspective.

The Titans have fared well so far, but ultimately think playoffs are a pipe-dream for them in a crowded AFC. But at the end of the year we will remember the Titans (sorry had to) for at least one play.

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