Terrelle Pryor Shows Great Foresight, Wants To Avoid Being Next Tim Tebow

By Andrew Fisher
Terrelle Pryor
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At this point in 2013, the jury is still out on Terrelle Pryor. The 24-year old quarter is finally getting his first real shot in the NFL this season, and thus far he’s making the most of his opportunity. Pryor has started four games for the Oakland Raiders and led the team to two wins. He’s a huge threat to make plays with his legs at any time, but surprisingly, he’s completing passes at a 68.3 percent clip as well. He hasn’t been great by any means, but he’s been far from bad.

To his credit, Pryor is apparently not at all satisfied with his efforts so far in 2013. The QB has scheduled a meeting during the Raiders’ bye week (seven) with quarterback coach Tom House. You may remember House from such QB workout sessions as Tom Brady‘s and Tim Tebow‘s. House has a reputation for being able to work wonders with QBs and Pryor feels like it would be in his best interest to get some tutelage from him. This is despite the fact that Tebow is now out of the NFL.

“Tebow looked great, he was throwing the ball great, wasn’t missing anything. Then they said he went to camp, and when he went back, he reverted back to himself because (that’s) when the bullets are flying at you. I hope when I get the rushers, people are rushing me, I hope I don’t go back to the old thing,” said Pryor.

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If you’re a Raiders’ fan, this is exactly what you want to hear. Pryor sounds very serious about taking his game to the next level and he’s taking action. Oakland is clearly not sold on him long-term, but yet the opportunity to become the team’s franchise QB is still very much on the table. Pryor has been very impressive in 2013, but as he’s acknowledged, the real work is just beginning.


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