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Top 5 Ways Jacksonville Jaguars Can Cover On Sunday

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Top 5 Ways the Jacksonville Jaguars can cover on Sunday

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“Stay Classy Denver”. That’s the tweet the Jacksonville Jaguars retweeted after the Denver Broncos stated that the 51 points they put up against the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday are the same amount of points that the Jacksonville Jaguars have scored all season. This is just the start of the humiliation that the Jaguars have been facing long before taking Luke Jockel no. 2 overall in the draft last April. Even with a new coach and new direction, this team has still shown very little life.

Although they are in a woeful division where Ws are hard to find as of late, things don’t get any easier for the cats on North Florida. Now with a 28.5-point spread (something most of us have never seen in the National Football League), it’s very easy to take the Broncos, especially with the way the Sheriff aka Peyton Manning has been playing the first quarter of the season.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think the Jaguars have a chance. But then again, the saying does go "any given Sunday". I do, however, think that all this banter back and forth on top of a ridiculously large spread calls for some players in Jacksonville to be a little fed up with being the literal laughing stock of the league (bring on the questions of can the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Jacksonville Jaguars). No one can honestly throw a dollar on the Jags to cover this game, but here are my top five keys to Jacksonville at least covering the spread vs. Peyton and the Broncos anyway.

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5. History

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The Jaguars have never started 0-6. Now I know what you’re thinking -- this is a joke, right? Well based on all the media and everyone talking about how the Jaguars are already on the clock, they may have one shot to show that the statement of “any given Sunday” does apply. Good Luck Jags, you’re going to need it!

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4. Cecil Shorts III

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Part of me is taking this because of fantasy implications. Everyone knows that Justin Blackmon is back and he does have the big-play capability. Therefore, that’s all the more reason that Shorts needs to step up. The corners will be feasting all day on Blackmon, so that leaves Shorts for a big play here or there to catch the Denver secondary by surprise.

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3. Chad Henne

Chad Henne
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Chad cannot be as bad as Blaine Gabbert. Let's face it, the Jaguars are not good at all. With the no. 2 pick last year, they took an offensive lineman and he’s out for the season. Henne will be running for his life all day. However, that's not to say that he can't make a few throws downfield get the Jaguars on the board quickly and often. It’s the only way.

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2. Josh Scobee

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Don’t underestimate the kicker! Scobee is a clutch of a kicker as of late -- not to say that his team has put him in the position to be clutch in quite a while ...

Scobee can come through if need be. Let's see if he can put up a few 40-plus yarders to help this squad.

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1. Maurice Jones-Drew

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The face of this franchise! The key to their success! MJD is the only constant that has been on this team since what feels like forever. He needs to have a big game before this team goes home literally with their tails between their legs.