Washington Redskins Must Get Alfred Morris More Involved

By Michael Terrill
Washington Redskins Must Get Alfred Morris More Involved
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins have only won one game in four attempts this season, which is not exactly where most fans had hoped their favorite team would be. There are many reasons for the dismal start, with one of them being the fact that Alfred Morris has been limited in his offensive production. There is no question that if the Redskins want to get back on track they must get Morris more involved.

The second-year player has carried the ball 56 times for 296 rushing yards and two touchdowns this season.

If the carries seem a little on the light side considering Washington has played four games this season that is because they are. Morris currently ranks 24th in the NFL in attempts per game. That is an absolute disgrace considering how productive he was in his rookie season.

Obviously, the offense centers heavily on what quarterback Robert Griffin III is capable of accomplishing. However, even the signal caller himself will admit he is only as good when Morris is getting more touches. Not only does it keep pass rushers off him but also it makes his job moving the team downfield a lot easier.

“We believe in the running game,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said, according to ESPN.com. “Usually, teams that can run have a lot of success. We always have that philosophy. Hopefully this week we can get back to where we think we can running the football.”

If the Redskins believe in running then that is exactly what they must do. It will certainly not be the easiest of tasks this week since the Dallas Cowboys rank fourth in the league in opponent rushing yards per game (82.8). With that being said, gaining plenty of yards on the ground against the Cowboys is also a great way to build confidence in the running game.

Even though it is disappointing that Morris does not get more action, the good news is he is willing to contribute in any way as long as it helps the team win.

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