Baltimore Ravens Can Make Statement With Win Over Green Bay Packers

By Andrew Fisher
Baltimore Ravens
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rocky up-and-down season for the Baltimore Ravens so far in 2013. They’re of course trying to get back on track to the Super Bowl again this season after making an improbable run last winter. But many players from that team now reside on different rosters or are retired from the game all together. The 2013 Ravens are no doubt new-look and still working out some of the kinks. But to their credit, they’ve managed to keep afloat and are currently 3-2 with a huge game on the horizon against the Green Bay Packers in week six.

Despite having home field advantage, the Ravens are three-point underdogs to the Packers. But I think most football fans can agree that this game is more of a pick ’em. We all know how good the Packers can be when they’re on their A-game and the same can be said for the Ravens. But so far this year, the Ravens haven’t really put it all together. It’s making some wonder if the team just isn’t that good, while others maintain the best is yet to come in Baltimore.

Sunday’s clash of recent Super Bowl winners will speak volumes about both teams, but I believe the Ravens have more at stake. If they can get a good performance from Joe Flacco, a solid outing from Ray Rice and a supreme defensive effort, it will do wonders for this team moving forward. They’d stay at the top of AFC North and start to regain some of that confidence from last year’s squad. Conversely, a loss would drop them to .500 and certainly leave John Harbaugh and company with more questions than answers.

One thing is for sure, we’ll all know a lot more about the Ravens after week six.


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