Denver Broncos: The Return of Champ Bailey

By johnspina
Champ Bailey
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It appears the Denver Broncos All-Pro corner Champ Bailey will finally return to the field this week versus the Jacksonville Jaguars and like he shown throughout his illustrious career, his timing couldn’t be better.

Champ has always prided himself on being in perfect shape. But even for him, getting into game shape is something that can only be done by playing. But instead of stepping into a tough situation after five weeks of standing on the sidelines, the matchup this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars and former first-round pick Justin Blackmon allows Champ to somewhat ease his way back onto the field and back into game shape.

While Blackmon has elite physical abilities, he is still learning the nuances of the NFL and has underachieving quarterbacks throwing him the ball. Blackmon’s athleticism will allow Champ to thoroughly test the strength of his injured ankle, but he will not be placed him under extreme pressure with Chad Henne under center and likely a sizable Broncos’ lead. This is a perfect situation for Champ as his matchup in Week 7 is one of the toughest in the league and he must be physically ready.

Reggie Wayne and the Indianapolis Colts have proved that their playoff appearance last year was no fluke, and the veteran receiver continues to evade father time. With 13 years of NFL experience, Wayne has almost as much experience as Bailey, and like the All-Pro corner, he still possesses tremendous speed and strength – not to mention a rock-solid pair of hands and a legitimate NFL quarterback. Especially while playing indoors on turf, Champ will have to be on top of his game to contain the six-time pro bowl wide receiver.

The Broncos’ defense becomes immeasurably better with Champ on the field. Not only does he have the ability to take away the opposing teams top receiver, but he also helps in run support and allows the team to more aggressively blitz. However, he has to be healthy in order to be effective and his injury is one what can easily be re-aggravated. The Broncos must be careful not to overly use him while he is still recovering.

Written by John Spina. Follow him on Facebook or on Twitter @jsspina24

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