Extracurricular Activities Aren’t The Reasons For Pittsburgh Steelers’ Record

By Clyde A. Speller
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When a team starts a season off on the wrong foot, it’s natural for everyone to find out what’s causing the misfortune. As for the Pittsburgh Steelers, they’re coming out of the blocks with a 0-4 record, and are desperate to find answers before the season gets completely out of hand.

A few weeks ago, some of the Steelers’ veteran players banned their teammates who had less than four years of NFL experience from partaking in the extracurricular activities within the team’s facility. Games such as pool, ping pong and shuffleboard were only granted for veterans, and this was something that head coach Mike Tomlin approved of. The reason behind this was to get the younger players to focus more on studying their playbooks. Now, the seventh-year head coach is singing another tune.

In hopes to get the entire team on the same page, Tomlin has forbidden all players from playing games during leisure time. Is this the answer to all of the Steelers’ problems on the field? Most certainly not. However, it should benefit the team in some way.

Having the same rule for everyone, regardless of experience, could build some much-need camaraderie among the younger and older players. It could also give the team a better since of focus as one unit. I do applaud Tomlin for making this a rule compatible to all players, but for anyone to think that the table games are the reasons as to why the team is currently win-less is ridiculous.

Hopefully Tomlin and the rest of Pittsburgh’s coaching staff isn’t overlooking the things that have actually gotten this team in the hole that they are in. Bad coaching, bad blocking and bad tackling are the reasons this team is 0-4, not pool, ping pong and shuffleboard.

Generally speaking, the Steelers need to get back to the fundamentals of the game and stop trying to pinpoint things that have nothing to do with football as the reason as to why they are having their worst start since 1968.

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