Minnesota Vikings Rumors: Adrian Peterson's Status In Question After Son's Injuries?

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

Horrible news has emerged regarding Adrian Peterson and his family. The reigning NFL MVP missed practice on Thursday to attend to personal matters. Reports then emerged of Peterson being spotted in South Dakota. Now, light has been shed on the entire issue and it’s very disheartening news to say the least. Peterson had to abruptly leave Minnesota on Thursday because his son had been rushed to the hospital. Reportedly, the man dating the mother of Peterson’s son had beaten the child to the point where he became unresponsive.

Peterson’s son is now in critical condition in a South Dakota hospital and Joseph Patterson has been arrested and charged with aggravated felony assault and battery of an infant. AP’s son is said to have severe head injuries.

This news is certainly horrifying, disgusting and saddening as all get out. We can only hope for the best for Peterson’s young son and that Joseph Patterson gets what he has coming to him.

But despite all that’s gone on in the last 24 hours, Peterson is reportedly back with the Minnesota Vikings and preparing for this Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers. Vikings’ fans have to be wondering if he’ll be in any condition (mentally) to play this Sunday. When real-life tragedy strikes, football becomes secondary. Nobody could blame AP if he missed the contest to be with his son and other family members.

As of now, there have been no further details released on his son’s condition. Here’s to hoping that he recovers fully from his injuries.


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