New York Giants' Chances Of Winning NFC East Are Fading Away

By Steven Carollo
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After dropping to 0-5 after losing at home to the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday, the New York Giants had a very short week to prepare for the Chicago Bears as they would face them on Thursday Night Football in Chicago. While the Giants were underdogs, the Bears have had their struggles lately as well and some felt that the Giants could finally obtain their first victory this season.

That did not happen.

Yes, the Giants lost once again, this time by a 27-21 score, the closest game they have lost since losing Week 1 to the Dallas Cowboys, and have now fallen to a dreadful 0-6.

So if the GMen are now 0-6, why am I even talking about playoffs or winning the division at all?

Well, the NFC East this season has been extremely weak. As a matter of fact, the current division leaders, the Cowboys and Eagles, are tied with a sad 2-3 record. That means if both the Cowboys and Eagles lose again this Sunday, then the Giants would still ridiculously only be two games out of first with a 0-6 record.

However, the Giants would actually need to win two games and right now, this team just leaves me flat. At the beginning of the year, I picked the Giants to win this division, and while I explained how that is unbelievably still possible, the Giants’ offensive line, running game, defense and the poor season quarterback Eli Manning is having week in and week out is preventing them in doing so.

So while the Giants still have an opportunity to come back and win the NFC East this year, turnovers plus their inability to run the football, plus their atrocious defensive play all equal a season that is fading away for Big Blue.

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