New York Giants Rumors: Is a Tom Coughlin Return in 2014 Best For Business?

By Andrew Fisher
Tom Coughlin
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Word is coming out of New York Giants‘ camp that Tom Coughlin will be allowed to determine his own fate when it comes coaching in the future. Many have speculated that 2013 could be his last year with the Giants due to the horrific start the team has gotten off to. But that’s apparently not the case at all. Coughlin will reportedly be allowed to finish out the year and return in 2014 if he chooses. So far, all indications are that he wants to come back for next season.

So it begs the question – is that the best thing for business?

First of all, it needs to be said that Coughlin deserves the right to call his own shots. When you win two Super Bowls for a franchise, you should get some leeway. It wouldn’t be fair to Coughlin to fire him during the middle of a season. If anything, he at least deserves to be able to finish out the year. However, I’m not sold on him coming back in 2014. I understand that it’s his call, but there’s a good argument to be made for the Giants moving in a different direction.

It’s not often that coaches are given the right to decide their own fate and that’s usually because most of them won’t fire themselves. You’d have to think that if Coughlin wants to come back in 2014, that he believes this Giants team can turn things around in a big way and compete for another Super Bowl. At his age, there’s really nothing else left to play for. Would it really be worth returning just to get the Giants back to a winning record? What would be the point?

If Coughlin feels the 2014 Giants can compete for a championship, then I understand his thoughts. But most of us on the outside can see that this New York team is in need of some changes. As great as he’s been for the franchise, I believe it’s time they move in a different direction. Maybe it will take this team completely tanking this year for Coughlin to realize that too, but even at 0-6, he’s not there yet.


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