Seattle Seahawks Must Stay Ahead of San Francisco 49ers

By Todd Pheifer
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Objects in your rear-view mirror may be closer than they appear.

The Seattle Seahawks cannot look ahead to December 8, but the rematch with the San Francisco 49ers has to at least be a consideration. These two teams could still have an epic battle down the stretch as they fight for the division title and a playoff spot.

Seattle did take care of business against the ‘Niners when they visited CenturyLink Field. After that, San Francisco got pounded by the Indianapolis Colts at home and it looked like the 49ers might regress in 2013. However, the 49ers have come roaring back and they now sit at 3-2.

In other words, they are right behind the 4-1 Seahawks.

On paper, the Seahawks should be able to beat the pesky Tennessee Titans in Week 6. However, the Titans are one of those sneaky-good teams that could give Seattle some trouble. If Tennessee was able to rise up and shock the ‘Hawks at the Clink and the 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals at home (which they should), the two teams would be tied at 4-2.

Suddenly the game in December becomes all the more relevant.

Obviously much can happen between now and early December. Both the Seahawks and the 49ers could have extreme successes and failures due to injuries, opponents and unforeseen momentum shifts. However, it would not be surprising if both teams were in the hunt when they meet again.

The NFL season is such that every game counts. At the end of the season, teams look back and lament those one or two games that got away. It would be great if the Seahawks could head to San Francisco with a comfortable lead rather than Russell Wilson having to gut out a clutch win against a hostile crowd.

The ‘Hawks had to hit the brakes in Indianapolis, but now it is time to hit the gas again. Time to put some distance between Seattle and the competition.

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