Hopefully Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Hex Themselves Again

By williambontrager
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are preparing to battle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday. Although there is some turmoil for the birds, down in sunny Florida there is pure chaos. It is no wonder the odds actually favor Chip Kelly’s team so far. The team in midnight green is travelling as expected victors, but history of being an Eagles fan allows me to curb my optimism.

Still, the Bucs are a mess this year, but are they as hopeless as the New York Giants? Will they be that pushover team that will be our floor mat, or do they have some fight left in them?

Recent history suggests that the Buccaneers have a good enough defense to hold teams to a low score, and that they also have the tendency to fold under pressure in the fourth quarter.

Against the New York Jets, the game was theirs. They were going to go in to the new season with high hopes. But a costly penalty, a late hit on fresh-faced quarterback Geno Smith pushed the Jets in to field-goal territory with just mere seconds left. That game was rightfully theirs and they gave it away to an appreciative and jubilant Rex Ryan.

Then Week 2 arrived against the New Orleans Saints and again, with mere seconds left, the defense permitted Marques Colston to catch a crucial pass, once again putting the opposing team in field-goal range. They lost that one too.

Finally, after getting soundly beat by Tom Brady, they again played a tight game with the Arizona Cardinals, and once again lost in the fourth.

This team is just as cursed in the fourth quarter as Michael Vick is in the red zone.

Here is hoping that whatever spell the Bucs are under can continue when Nick Foles and company take the field. If the Eagles gain confidence and wins from teams that are more dysfunctional than they are, then so be it.

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