Never a Dull Moment for Dallas Cowboys' Fans

By rodneygray
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have the greatest show on turf.

The keyword in that statement is the word “show”.

The Cowboys average the second most points in the league and are seventh in passing yards. Sure, there are teams that average more points and there are teams that average more passing yards than them. Other teams also have a much better record than they do. The biggest difference between the Cowboys and other great offenses in the league is Tony Romo.

Romo has 13 touchdowns this season with only two interceptions. Like many things in life, it is all about timing and the timing of one of those interceptions has helped Romo remain the talk of the sports world for an entire week. Not Quentin Tarantino nor Steven Spielberg could have thought of a more ironic series of events to happen than Romo in last weeks fourth-quarter debacle.

The ringleader in all of this madness is Jerry Jones, the eccentric billionaire owner, whose unwavering confidence in Romo stems from an eight-year long relationship that has lead to an abysmal showing in the playoffs. However you want to put it, Jones has managed to keep one of the NFL’s most storied franchises relevant despite its postseason shortcomings.

This is why the Cowboys are “America’s team”. They are dysfunctional, unpredictable, loaded with talent and give you more than your share of entertainment every game-day. This Sunday will be no different. Romo is a great quarterback, the numbers back up the claim and so does his game play and nobody can take that away from him. However, Romo is also an erratic risk-taker that will drive even the most loyal of Cowboys’ fans to the brink.

The Cowboys can go as far as Romo takes them. You get the good with the bad. You get the 82-yard touchdown pass to Terrance Williams along with the eventual game losing fourth-quarter interception. The Cowboys’ 108-million-dollar man is 100-percent feast or famine. In the words of the great Terrell Owens, “Get Your Popcorn ready” because I’m sure Romo has a lot more in store for both Cowboy fans and football fans alike this year. Cowboys football is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.

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