New England Patriots Need to Simplify Playbook

By Tony Tranghese
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Belichick might need to simplify things. It’s time to take pride out of the equation, and if he hasn’t already, it’s time to sit down with Josh Mcdaniels and draw up the simplest playbook known to man.

I am giving Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson the benefit of the doubt here. Let’s be honest, they have been as inconsistent as inconsistent can be. Brutal may be a better word to describe it.

My theory is simplify the playbook. The more they can concentrate on catching the ball and the less on running a timing route, it may help them actually haul one in. With the amount of drops both receivers have had, it’s no surprise that Tom Brady is ready to lose his mind. Not to mention the city of Boston. It has been painful to watch some of these games.

The New England Patriots have had a dynamic offense the past few years that relied on great routes, timing and stud receivers and tight ends. Injuries or not, Rob Gronkowski is not going to single-handedly fix this offense. It’s not going to happen, so get it out of your head. If Danny Amendola can stay healthy for a minute, just maybe he can take some pressure off these other receivers.

If you partner the return of two of your better pass catchers with a simpler playbook, you may have some sort of shot at scoring some points. I mean, how hard is it to run a slant, or a go route. I’m pretty sure even an undrafted rookie could do that. I probably couldn’t, but I’m pretty sure they can.

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