Philadelphia Eagles Need More Creativity On Offense To Win vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

By williambontrager
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

The coaching staff of the Philadelphia Eagles may have to prepare for their best receiver potentially being shut out of the game. DeSean Jackson, who has been impressive, almost appearing unbeatable at times this season, is going to face his toughest opponent on Sunday.

The league did not forget about Darrell Revis. Despite what Richard Sherman may think, this corner has not lost a step and has proven his ball-hawking ability and scavenger cunning this year, only permitting Larry Fitzgerald to score against him.

In the likely event that he does shut the mouthy Jackson out of his speedy brand of play, there needs to some creativity on the offensive side of the ball. Chip Kelly needs to dig up whatever he lost after the Washington Redskins game and display it on the field. He can make up for the absence of Jackson in many ways.

For one, he can make use of his tight ends more. For being the brash new gutsy kid on the block, Kelly has been playing conservatively. He has a promising rookie in Zach Ertz, and Brent Celek showed that he still has it with his game-winning performance last week. Both of them should be used together to overwhelm this defense.

Ertz has caught just about everything thrown his way so far. He is a big tight end with good hands that is willing to leap up and take a hit, and he needs more playing time. He has only been a hiccup with his time on the field, but he has already has caught up with Riley Cooper in receptions and yards.

The offense has to do something more creative with Cooper as well. He sucks, but he is apparently not going anywhere. So the team’ shouldn’t send him deep. He can’t stretch the field at all. So give him small curls, routes where he is near the quarterback in times of duress, and let him block or put him in motion sometimes. His lack of production is getting ridiculous!

Out of the box thinking is how to make up for Revis’ shutdown capabilities. It is time that  Kelly shows the fans what they are paying for. It could start with an opposing team that is tipping off the edge of an abysmal season.

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