Philadelphia Eagles' Secondary Can Control Plague-Riddled Tampa Bay Buccaneers

By williambontrager
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

What is happening in Tampa Bay? Who cares, as long as the Philadelphia Eagles can leap off of the opponents’ twisted, broken backs to spring them to success. But really, can things get any worse for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

They not only have a quarterback controversy and a tendency to choke or make game-losing choices in the fourth quarter, they also have a plague!

The Eagles are tough though, and they will play against MRSA by doing what they have been doing this entire season — only half committing to tackles. At least they will have an excuse for missing people this time. They were trying to avoid being infected.

Not doing any research, I can only assume that Cary Williams has been trash-talking the MSRA, and will do so up until the first snap before allowing receivers to beat him.

However, if there is any team that can be defended, it is the Buccaneers. Unlike the lanky wizard Peyton Manning, new, fresh-faced quarterback Mike Glennon is just a mere man. He threw two interceptions against a salivating Arizona Cardinals secondary and looks timid in the pocket.

Their receivers are not like the big, physical ones like in Denver, so our paper mache defense should be able to flutter and hopefully annoy them long enough to get some turnovers.

That is the key to this game, as it always is in football. It is very important when playing against a team that struggles to find its way in the end zone, and that is the type of team the Eagles are facing this week. Hopefully some surprising big plays by the secondary will result in some easy points for the offense.

Also, the team hopefully doesn’t have to be quarantined after a half of playing against this infectious squad.

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