5 Reasons Why Jadeveon Clowney Shouldn’t Be A Top NFL Draft Pick

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5 Reasons Jadeveon Clowney Shouldn't Be A Top NFL Draft Pick

5 Reasons Jadeveon Clowney Shouldn't Be A Top NFL Draft Pick
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Jadeveon Clowney has been at the top of NFL draft boards since he burst onto the national scene with the highlight hit of the year against Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Since then, however, all Clowney has done is give teams reasons to question whether or not they should spend a top pick on him.

When a team does invest an early first-round pick on a player, they need to know they can count on him. They need to know that he’s going to give his full effort every time he puts on the uniform, not just when he feels like it or when it’s convenient for him.

So far, Clowney has only provided more questions than answers about his love for the game and his professional prospects. No one questions his talent. He was a top recruit coming out of high school, and has matured into one of the most talented defensive players to come out of the college ranks in some time.

But, sometimes success comes down to more than just talent, especially at the NFL level. When Clowney gets to the pros, he’s going to find out that everyone is supremely talented. What he’s going to find is that even though he’ll still be one of the best players on the field, the difference between himself and a practice squad player isn’t the chasm it’s been his whole life.

NFL teams aren't going to be willing to give him the kind of leeway that high school and college coaches have his whole life. He’s going to need to learn how to be a professional, and after his recent behavior, that’s a real concern.

There are plenty of reasons why teams are going to be tempted to use a top pick on Clowney in the 2014 draft, but these are five reasons why they should think twice.

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5. His Technique Is Lacking

Technique Lacking
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When you have the talent that Clowney does, you rarely have to learn quality technique until you get to the pros. If he doesn't start concentrating on his craft now, he'll find out real quick that everyone else in the NFL is talented too.

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4. He Has A Poor Motor

Poor Motor
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Effort counts, especially on a football field. He can get by in college without trying hard on every play, but that will earn him a spot on the bench when he winds up in the pros.

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3. He's Weak Against The Run

Weak Against The Run
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Clowney is a pass-rushing specialist who doesn't have the discipline to maintain his gap responsibility in the running game. He'll need to learn how to play within a system when he gets to the NFL.

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2. He's Overvalued Because Of One Play

One Play
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Clowney would be a top prospect even if he hadn't made the hit of the decade last year against Michigan, but that play was what catapulted him into the stratosphere of possible No. 1 overall picks.

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1. He's Unreliable

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When a player can just decide he doesn't feel up to playing a few hours before the game, that is a real cause for concern. An NFL team needs to know they're going to be able to rely on Clowney each and every week.

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