Baltimore Ravens Have Worst Offensive Line In NFL

By Wola Odeniran
Ray Rice
Evan Habeeb- USA TODAY Sports

I hope a lot of people watched the Baltimore Ravens take on the Green Bay Packers where the Ravens suffered their first loss of the season at home 19-17. I hope a lot of people watched the Ravens’ offensive line perform like trash the entire game and for most of the season as well. I don’t want to see people comment on how the Ravens need to feed Ray Rice and how they pass the ball too much. Look at the picture above. Rice is wrapped up before he can even go anywhere.

There is a reason why the Ravens throw. The Ravens’ offensive line is slightly better in pass-protection than run-blocking. They almost got Joe Flacco destroyed on multiple occasions as they allowed Packers linebacker AJ Hawk obtain three sacks on the day. Even newly acquired left tackle Eugene Monroe contributed to the garbage display on the offensive line.

Do you need proof that the Ravens’ offensive line is horrible? According to ProFootballFocus, they rated the Ravens’ offensive line dead last in the NFL at negative 38.6 points. Here is how ProFootballFocus explains their criteria:

“We look at what an offensive lineman is trying to do and grade him based on that, taking into account what’s asked of him and how long, in the example of pass protection, the quarterback holds the ball.”

Out of that ProFootballFocus rated Ravens’ center Gino Gradkowski as one of the worst centers in the NFL. They wanted to choose multiple players on the Ravens’ offensive line, but they decided to go with Gradkowski.

“Some contenders here but Gino Gradkowski (-13.4) is the man under fire. He just hasn’t got the job done and is atrocious (by center standards) with his work in pass protection.”

Just pathetic. I’m tired of hearing people say the Ravens need to make the running game the focus of the offense. The offensive line is absolute crap in run-blocking. At this point, you don’t have to watch the Ravens every week to see that.

Anyone who even puts the blame on Flacco or Rice for these results, I’m pretty sure they don’t have a clue about the Ravens.

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