Plays Called Key In Baltimore Ravens' Loss Against Green Bay Packers

By Wola Odeniran
John Harbaugh
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The Baltimore Ravens made an extremely questionable call in their loss at home against the Green Bay Packers, 19-17. The Ravens had an opportunity to put points on the board on two occasions but they either turned the ball over, or failed to convert on the fourth down.

When you look at the game in the second quarter, the Ravens were trailing 3-0, but they were driving deep in Packers’ territory setting themselves up for a touchdown. At the Packers’ goal-line, the Ravens elected to run the ball four straight times, and they obviously failed.

“You have a high percentage opportunity to make that fourth-and-1,” Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh noted after the game via “I like our chances there. … I think that was a good decision there.”

To me, the Ravens should have settled for a field goal. They were only trailing by three points, and when you play against the Packers’ offense, you take what you can get. So far this season, the Ravens are in no position to be turning down points. The offense has been struggling mightily.

It would be one thing if the Ravens had an elite offense; then I could see going for it, knowing they will march right down the field, and score anyways. But that certainly isn’t the case with the issues the Ravens have, especially along the offensive line.

As for the late turnover in the first half by Joe Flacco, I understand why the Ravens were throwing with 12 seconds left; I’m a firm believer that you try to get points at the end of the half. Flacco has to be aware of the clock, and where he is on the field. He has to know that he can’t turn the ball over in his own territory under any circumstances. Taking the sack would have been the best choice. Instead, Flacco fumbled which in turn brought three easy points for the Packers to close the half.

The Ravens need to think about the decisions they have made this week.

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