What Gave Detroit Lions Edge They Needed to Defeat Cleveland Browns?

By Michael Terrill
What Gave Detroit Lions Edge They Needed to Defeat Cleveland Browns
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions were losing to the Cleveland Browns 17-7 at halftime. With the team’s potent offense, it was hard for fans to understand what the heck was going on. It was even harder for the players to grasp the idea that they were thoroughly getting beat by a team they were convinced they would annihilate. With all hope appeared to be lost, veteran Stephen Tulloch decided to change the atmosphere in the locker room.

The linebacker gave an emotional speech to motivate his teammates to raise their level play and put forth a dominant performance in the second half.

“He told us we were playing like BS,” guard Rob Sims told DetroitLions.com.

“He called up everybody,” safety Louis Delmas said. “Coaches included. Everybody in the circle. Everybody in there thought he was talking to him, myself included.

“Everyone in that circle knew we needed to do that. He’s our leader. That’s what a leader does.”

Nobody knows exactly what was said behind the closed doors. Obviously, whatever it was worked because the Lions exploded in the third and fourth quarter. Quarterback Matthew Stafford tossed three touchdown passes in the second half while running back Reggie Bush continued to run hard. The entire team came together and played exactly how everyone expected the team should.

At this point, it will be interesting to see if Detroit will be able to carry the momentum into their contest against another AFC North opponent in Week 7. For now, the Lions can enjoy the come-from-behind win that allows them to sit atop the NFC North standings.

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