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2013 New York Jets A Roller Coaster of Love

Rex Ryan and Geno Smith

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The song is called the “roll coaster of love”, it has highs and it has lows and at the end of it, all you feel exhausted and satisfied.

After six weeks of the NFL regular season, that’s I how I feel with the New York Jets. We all knew that the win in Atlanta was something special, and I said that this game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was as important, if not more so.

With reports on Sunday emerging that head coach Rex Ryan was going to be coming back next season, it almost felt too good to be true that the Jets were on the brink of putting something special together. In typical Jets fashion in front of the hometown faithful, the Jets weren’t able to string together two consecutive positive drives (not even one, really).

The most difficult thing in the NFL is shake off the week prior. When it comes to the Jets, winning on Monday night was a significant high. Looking to build momentum on the season, they played a vulnerable Steelers team that was looking for its first victory. The offense at times showed poise and Geno Smith did have moments of composure, but the steel curtain came to play on Sunday at MetLife Stadium and the rookie didn’t have an answer.

In fact, he crumbled under the pressure, throwing two costly picks — both of which in Steelers territory.

If someone were to tell me that the Jets would be 3-3 after Week 6, I wouldn’t find it hard to believe so much as who they beat and how they lost to get there. To paraphrase Bill Parcells, you are what your record says you are. Well, the Jets are sitting at .500 and 1-1 in the division. They have the New England Patriots coming to down and then a game at the Cincinnati Bengals before coming back home vs. the New Orleans Saints ahead of the bye week.

Over the next three games, we will all ride this roller coast of love with the team through their highs and lows and hopefully come out of it satisfied. There’s still a lot of football to be played and a lot of answers to be had. On any given Sunday, anything can happen — let’s just hope the Jets can find the straightaway part of the coaster instead of always going up and down.

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