Baltimore Ravens Were Right To Go For It On Crucial 4th-and-Goal Play

By Dan Abeshouse
Ray Rice
Mitch Stringer-USA Today Sports

There has been a lot of talk about this critical play from yesterday’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers. Early in the second quarter down only 3-0, the Ravens had 1st-and-goal from the Packer four-yard line. Four straight runs and the Ravens found themselves still out of the end zone with no points.

A lot of people said the Ravens should have taken the field goal there, but I like that they went for it. Up until that point the defense had done a great job limiting the usually potent Packers offense led by Aaron Rodgers. Three points in that situation would have been nice, but seven could have turned a game that was basically even up to that point. Although I loved the idea of going for it there, I absolutely despised the play that was called. It took Ray Rice three rushing attempts to get to the one-yard line. For the fourth down play it was Bernard Pierce up the middle for nada. Let’s put things into perspective; up until that point the Ravens had nine rushing attempts for zero yards. Yes, you read that right, zero yards. What in the heck were they thinking with that call? The Packers’ front seven were practically living in the Ravens backfield all the day.

If it were up to me I would have had a play action to Pierce and had Joe Flacco roll out and run it himself. The Packers probably wouldn’t have expected it. I think everyone in the stadium knew the Ravens were going to try to run up the middle. I truly believe a Flacco roll out would have worked. If it didn’t work, I could have accepted that at least. Loved the idea of it, hated the play call.

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