Buffalo Bills' Kiko Alonso: Likely Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2013

By Scott DelleFave
Kiko Alonso
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills might have drafted an absolute monster in inside linebacker Kiko Alonso, he is seemingly anywhere and everywhere on defense. Alonso was taken in the second round and 46th overall and hasn’t looked back since. Despite the team’s lackluster 2-4 record in the 2013 NFL season, Alonso has become a folk legend after six games that would even impress Chuck Norris.

Alonso has great size (6-foot-3, 238 pounds), is a non-stop motor in seemingly any direction and has an amazing nose for the ball and the ball carrier.Through six games he has had 66 total tackles, four interceptions and a sack. While Alonso might not be the smartest linebacker in the league, he might be the craziest. Maybe in time his play will rub off and inspire the rest of the Bills’ defense to play better, more aggressively and to set the tone for opposing team’s offenses.

The best thing about Kiko is that it seems like he’s going to be a productive member of society after having a troubled past in college. With it seemingly behind him, he can stick it to the other 31 teams that passed on him for other players. Some prospects were rated higher due to less of a character concern.

The future is looking tremendously bright for Kristian “Kiko” Alonso. If he continues to grow, the award of Defensive Rookie of the Year will be only the beginning. Winning a Defensive MVP award with numerous Pro Bowl invites could be inline, and that’s not an embellishment.

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