Buffalo Bills Make Big Mistake Signing Matt Flynn

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Matt Flynn
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The Buffalo Bills are desperate for help at quarterback. So desperate, in fact, that they scrapped the scum off the bottom of the free agency pool to sign Matt Flynn, the biggest one-game wonder in the history of the NFL.

At this point, the Bills are in a bit of a bind. Starter E.J. Manuel is out for a few weeks with a knee injury, backup Kevin Kolb is on IR, Week 6 starter Thad Lewis has a sprained foot and current No. 2 Jeff Tuel is a raw undrafted rookie who isn’t yet ready for significant snaps. Hence they signed Flynn, who already tanked with and was cut by the Oakland Raiders earlier this season.

Flynn got his walking papers from the Raiders a week ago after one of the worst performances by a quarterback in recent history. Although he completed 65.6 percent of his passes for 227 yards, one touchdown and one interception, Flynn had an overwhelmingly negative impact. His interception turned into six points for the defense, he took seven sacks and was the main reason for Oakland’s loss.

Since his “breakout” game with the Green Bay Packers in 2011 – 480 passing yards, six touchdowns – Flynn has done nothing but disappoint. The Seattle Seahawks signed him to be their starter in 2012, but watched him lose the job to Russell Wilson. The Raiders then acquired him this offseason, only to hand the starting job to Terrelle Pryor after a pitiful preseason from the now-Bills quarterback.

Despite his rawness, the Bills might be better off with Tuel under center in Week 7. The undrafted rookie played poorly when he was thrust into action in Week 5, but still possesses some promise. Flynn on the other hand has proven his ineptitude and might only make matters worse if handed the reins.

Unfortunately for the Bills, there aren’t too many other options on the free agent market at this point in the season. Flynn, however, is far from the best option and won’t do Buffalo any good if he gets the start.

If I was Doug Marrone, I’d be giving Lewis personal foot rubs every hour if it helped get him back on the field in time for Week 7.

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