Cheering of Matt Schaub's Injury Is Not Surprising Because Fans Are Selfish and Dumb

By Andrew Fisher

People across the sports world are disgusted with many Houston Texans‘ fans. This is of course the aftermath of fans cheering Matt Schaub after he went down with a leg injury in Sunday’s loss to the St. Louis Rams. I get it, the fans want a change at quarterback. But even with how badly Schaub has played in recent weeks, there’s no reason to cheer a man going down in a sporting contest. Especially, when he plays for your own team.

But as horrible as this concept of cheering for an injury is, it’s not all that surprising. It’s 2013, fans are dumber and more selfish than ever. We live in a world where moronic fans tweet horrible things at athletes for costing them in Fantasy Football. This is a world where fans boo opposing players who go down, because they think they’re faking injuries. A lot of fans are D-U-M-B, dumb.

You would think that the fans with single-digit IQs who cheered Schaub’s injury would have enough respect for fellow humans and themselves to realize what they were doing, but they don’t. They’re living in the moment and thinking with the most narrow of minds.

I don’t blame Texans’ fans for wanting a new quarterback. It’s clear to me that Schaub’s time in Houston is up. But cheering the man’s physical demise is over the line.

Hopefully, this sad showing by Texans’ fans will serve as a wake up call for sports fans around the globe. There’s no excuse for what happened in Houston in week six and those that did cheer Schuab going down, should be ashamed of themselves. I’m not indicting all Texans’ fans or all sports fans with this rant, but it’s time we grow up a little bit and stop taking problems in sports and making them problems in real life.


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