Denver Broncos' Defense Is Obvious Achilles' Heel

By Steven Carollo
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With a point spread of 28, the Denver Broncos were poised to obliterate the Jacksonville Jaguars in what was supposed to be the biggest massacre in sports history on Sunday.

However, sports betters would be disappointed as the Broncos only beat the Jaguars by 16 points in a 35-19 final score.

Now you would think that is still a pretty convincing win, but for an undefeated Broncos team with the best offense in the NFL lead by future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning against a winless Jaguars team, this should be an eye-opener for the Broncos organization and their fans.

Manning will eventually cool down from his ungodly start of the season, and one could even make the argument that he already has with his second week in a row with an interception. And this time, he threw a pick-six against the Jaguars. 35 points, believe it or not, has been the least amount the Broncos have scored in a game this season, but that is most likely subject to change.

When the Broncos’ offense does fall back down the earth, which will still make them better than most teams, the biggest question mark for them will be their defense.

All season long, the Broncos’ defense has unperformed. Granted, they have been without Champ Bailey for most of the year until this week and will have Von Miller back from now on because his suspension just ended this week; but even with these two big names, I still do not think the Broncos have the defense to consistently shut down other teams’ offenses.

Just look at what the Dallas Cowboys did to them last week. I seriously doubt if both Bailey and Miller played in that game that the Broncos would have given up less than 48 points. Even with the both of them, they still have a very weak secondary who cannot stop a team with a good quarterback and two good receivers.

The Broncos might be undefeated now, but come playoff time when they play a team with a very good offense that can slow down Manning and the Broncos’ offense, how is this team going to stop anyone?

It will be a huge disappointment if the Broncos do not make it to the Super Bowl this season but at the same time, I can definitely see the scenarios where they would be taking an early trip home for the second year in a row.

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