DeSean Jackson Gets The Best Of Darrelle Revis In Philadelphia Eagles' Victory

By Ryan Wenzell
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson bragged the week of the game that Darrelle Revis wasn’t as fast as him and couldn’t run with him on game day. He backed up his talk with 70 receiving yards and two crucial touchdowns on a day where he got the best of Revis and his Philadelphia Eagles bested the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One of the touchdowns occurred in the red zone on a play where he beat Revis cleanly on a slant route for the score.

Revis was left looking around dumbfounded for any safety help, but one of the game’s best corners shouldn’t need the help. Jackson has simply been on his game this season. The head coaching change, and Chip Kelly‘s new run and gun offense seems to have re-invigorated the young wideout. Jackson is on pace to have a career year in this offense and is already four touchdowns shy of his career high six games into the season.

Kelly and Jackson are simply a perfect marriage. The fastest man in the league and the fastest offense in the league was bound to work. Revis shouldn’t hang his head. No corner can cover Jackson in one-on-one situations, especially when he’s given cushion. He is the fastest player in the league with all due respect to Mike Wallace.

This offense is on pace to be one of the most prolific in league history in terms of yards gained. It’s easy to see why with premium players at skill positions like Jackson and LeSean McCoy. What they need to do is start scoring more points in the red area, and that has started to happen since Nick Foles has been inserted at quarterback.

Once this team starts putting it all together and cashing in on their red zone opportunities it may be game over for what ever defense has this misfortune of going up against this offense.

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