Miami Dolphins Will Have Chance to Prove Playoff Worth Coming Out of Bye Week

By Cody Williams
Dolphins bye NFL
Chuck Cook – USA Today Sports Images

Week six of the 2013 NFL season featured comebacks, blowouts, and the Jacksonville Jaguars improbably not losing by 30 points to the Denver Broncos. However, one thing that this week of football did not feature was any play from the 3-2 Miami Dolphins as they were resting on their bye week.

The Dolphins have been a hard team to predict through their first five games this season. Their defense, which has suffered some debilitating injuries, hasn’t been as good as people thought they would be coming into the season. Similarly, Ryan Tannehill has been better than advertised this season, but their running game featuring Lamar Miller has struggled to find consistent success this season.

If the season ended today, the Dolphins would be in the playoffs as the sixth seed in the AFC. However, they still haven’t proved to many people that they are a worthy playoff team. Coming out their bye week, though, Miami will have the opportunity to show they are, in fact, worthy of being in the postseason.

Week seven against the Buffalo Bills won’t be the biggest of tests for the Dolphins, but it will be a chance for the Dolphins to show they can beat up on a not-so-great, injury-ravaged team. The two following weeks will be their real challenges, though.

In week eight, the Dolphins will be up against the 5-1 New England Patriots and then will face off with the Cincinnati Bengals, another quality team, in week nine. If the Dolphins can come out of those two games with wins or competitive losses, it’s going to be hard not to take this team seriously.

After week nine, the Dolphins have an extremely favorable schedule with another matchup with New England being the only game that raises any concern as of right now. Miami could make the playoffs without wins in weeks eight and nine, but if they want to be taken seriously, those games could do a lot for the Dolphins.

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