New England Patriots: Rob Gronkowski Should Take Off As Much Time As Needed

By philipalexander
Rob Gronkowski
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It seems like a recurring trend, but New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski missed yet another game despite reportedly looking good in practice. Add that to the fact that Patriots doctors have cleared him, and you have a bunch of Patriots fans wondering what is really going on with the All-Pro tight end.

Whatever it is, that is Gronkowski’s business. He is clearly not comfortable with playing in games yet. The most logical connection to make here is that Gronkowski got re-injured the last time that he was cleared by Patriots doctors. Most people wouldn’t trust those doctors again, so why should Gronkowski trust them?

Even though the doctors are supposed to have Gronkowski’s best interests in mind, they still have to answer to Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. So it’s perfectly logical to think that the doctors want to see Gronkowski play.

Maybe Gronkowski shouldn’t consult Dr. James Andrews (who is known more as a knee surgeon), but rather go on his own personal feel. The Patriots’ doctors can explain his recovery in any way that they like, but only Gronkowski knows what it is like to walk and run around with a bad back and forearm. If he is feeling any pain, tingling or anything of the sort, then he shouldn’t be playing in football games.

The best way to go from here is for Belichick to let Gronkowski keep practicing. That’s the closest that Gronkowski can get to game action, and the closest he can get to telling if he’s fully ready to play or not. If he’s not ready, then he should sit. It’s better to have Gronkowski healthy in the long run, whenever that is.

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