New York Giants: Most Disappointing Team in NFL

By Robert Cooke
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Few can argue the fact that Eli Manning has done some great things as the quarterback of the New York Giants, reviving a franchise that had been in a four-year slump until his arrival and winning two Super Bowls.

The Giants are back in that slump beginning the 2013 NFL season with an 0-6 record, something that’s not only horrid, but something they haven’t done since the arrival of Manning or head coach Tom Coughlin. Anyone who has watched Manning over his career knows that when he’s under pressure, he sees ghosts and has a tendency to throw the ball to the opposite colored jersey. New York has the worst offensive line in football, and Manning is showing us his true colors.

Through six games, he has thrown nine touchdowns and 15 interceptions, which leads the league and is already equal with the total number of picks that he had for the entire 2012 season.

Manning is horrible when he’s under pressure. He benefited from having an outstanding offensive line in New York for many seasons, and now that he has nothing but inexperience and lack of talent on the line in front of him, he’s struggling. His lack of mobility only makes matters worse.

The Giants are sure to have a top-five draft pick going after this season as they will only continue to get worse and remain among the worst teams in the NFL. They should use that top pick on a quarterback and use the rest of the draft and free agency to invest in an offensive line.

It’s time the Giants started a rebuilding process.

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