Nick Foles Should Be Starting Quarterback For Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After a masterful performance for the second straight week Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles asserted himself as the unquestioned starter for the Eagles. Foles was once again brilliant on the afternoon. He finished with four total touchdowns, 296 yards passing, and a 133 quarterback rating all against a solid Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense.

The Bucs had given up five touchdowns total to five teams in five weeks, and Foles accounted for four by himself on the afternoon. Foles is simply playing his way into the starting role. They say you can’t lose a job due to injury, but that hasn’t been the case in the NFL over the years. There never would have been a Tom Brady if Drew Bledsoe didn’t get hurt thrusting Brady into action.

Foles is in a similar circumstance. Playing behind the injury-prone Michael Vick, Foles was bound to get some playing time this season. What we didn’t know is how he would fare in this offense, but that question has been answered emphatically. He looks as smooth as ever running the Chip Kelly up-tempo attack, and the offense has been as productive as it’s ever been with Foles behind center.

In previous weeks the offenses problem hasn’t been moving the football. After all, they are only the third team in league history to have 400 total yards in their first six games. The problem is they have simply been inefficient is the red zone, but not with Foles at quarterback.

They were 2-of-3 in the red zone and on the one red zone trip where they kicked a field goal it was exactly what they were trying to do — Bleed the clock and kick a chip shot field goal to ice the game.

I see no way that Kelly can go back to Vick after the way Foles has played. Kelly said Foles had to be 100-for-100 with 28 touchdowns to win the job. While that was obviously hyperbole he has been close to perfect since taking over for the injured Vick. He has taken the job and run with it.

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