One Reason Cincinnati Bengals are Successful in 2013

By Michael Terrill
One Reason Cincinnati Bengals are Success in 2013
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have not been as successful on offense as they would like to be this season. With that being said, there is no question the offense’s ability to sustain long drives is a big reason why the team is 4-2 and in first place in the AFC North.

The Bengals put together a 17-play drive that consumed eight minutes and 26 seconds in the third quarter against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Even though they did not come away with any points after Mike Nugent’s converted field goal was nullified by a penalty, the drive still ate up the clock and kept the Bills out of rhythm.

Cincinnati has come up with long drives when it matters most this season, which is why they have been able to overcome teams such as the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots. To keep the opposing defense on the field constantly working does wonders for an entire game plan.

“I think it’s just being consistent and not putting ourselves in a tough situation, or if we do put ourselves in a tough situation, we’ve been able to overcome it, and get a big first down,” quarterback Andy Dalton told when asked about the long drives this season. “Kind of like last week (against the Patriots): We were in third-and-15, and we picked up the first down that kept the drive going. When we do that, when we put several good plays back-to-back-to-back, we drive down and have been able to score. Hopefully we can have more drives that aren’t that long and score points with it, but we have been pretty good in those long drive situations.”

The Bengals would like to see more production on offense in both the passing and running game. Not to mention, improving their 20.2 points per contest, which ranks 23rd in the league, is another area that needs to see improvement.

The good news is a stifling defense mixed with an offense that is capable of moving the chains certainly is working for the Bengals.

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