Philadelphia Eagles' Chip Kelly Learning as Season Progresses

By Matt Shaner
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly has dealt with some growing pains in his first season as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. He started strong and then dealt with adjustment issues when opposing coordinators made their own adjustments to his offense. He had problems managing the clock and juggling the need for speed with the need for ball control, even if he doesn’t believe in it. This week, he showed some improvements across the board.

The Kelly offense, the way we expected to see it, reappeared with Nick Foles at the helm. Foles did a solid job behind a questionable offensive line, executed in the red zone and did not turn the ball over. The pace picked up and the screen game gained positive yards as both of these things were sorely missing from the past few games. The offense performed well against a skilled Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive unit.

Kelly’s clock management was impressive as the game closed out. After a questionable late drive, he slowed down the pace and each time the entire offense looked to the sideline, they killed valuable seconds. At the end of both halves, he had all three of his time timeouts to use.

Kelly must keep moving as the next few games are against tougher opposition. He has a huge decision to make at the quarterback position. He has a challenge next week against the Dallas Cowboys at home where he badly needs to win and establish some kind of home-field advantage. If he can pull off a win, it will be a huge step in establishing his presence in the league and the division.

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