Philadelphia Eagles: Quarterback Controversy Turning Predictably Racial Amongst Some

By williambontrager
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Stupid people are often consistent in their stupidity.

Some have predictably turned this quarterback race into a “racial race.” The Blacks vs. the Whites like the Jets and the Sharks, or GI-Joe vs. Cobra, and wish to have their battlefield in between the open lines of sports radio talk. It is absurd to assume that those who are fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, but not fans of the controversial Michael Vick, are simply discriminating because of his race.

It is equally just as moronic to assume that those who favor Vick are undercover for the NAACP, members of the Black Panther party, or have a “kill whitey” agenda.

However, stupid people are on both of these sides and are ruining it for anyone that is trying to assess the quarterback controversy with common sense. They get in the way like flies sometimes swarm in the butter, but they can be picked out and ignored, or even swallowed if you like insects in your toast.

The fact is that Vick had the first half of the year to impress, and he hasn’t, in my opinion. What I saw, even before Vick won the job in the preseason is that he doesn’t have the quarterback IQ. It is nothing against him. He is fun to watch, athletic, and breathtaking with how he can often create something out of nothing. He is also injured, surprise of all surprises!

But Nick Foles isn’t and he understands the game better; he gets more people involved. It was because of Foles that we saw that Riley Cooper is alive, and may actually have some skill if the ball gets to him on his running route. We are watching a team that had fewer penalties, moved with more purpose and efficiency, and actually scored in the red zone on Sunday.

But the war will rage between the two. To me, common sense dictates that if Chip Kelly wants to see if they have to find a quarterback in the draft next season, then give the season to Foles; see what we have in him.

After all, nothing is surprising after eleven years of Vick, and racial discussions shouldn’t get in the way of doing what is best for the birds.

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