Robert Griffin III Continues His Ineffective Streak In Washington Redskins' Loss To Dallas Cowboys

By Ryan Wenzell
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III once again struggled to get going in the Washington Redskins‘ loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Griffin III simply looks like a shell of his rookie self. The kid that made plays left and right on a weekly basis, and could beat defenses with his cannon of an arm as well as his electrifying running ability looks long gone.

While some players such as Adrian Peterson come back from ACL injuries better than ever, it is not the same for every athlete. Peterson is a freak of nature and in a league of his own. The recovery from the injury Griffin III suffered seems to be taking its toll, and it’s certainly affecting his passing and running game.

Consider this. Griffin III threw five interceptions all of last season. He has thrown five in five games now with another interception tonight. He also lost a fumble, which has plagued him throughout his young career. In this game, and frankly all season, Griffin’s throws have lacked the zip and velocity they previously had.

He also seems to be a bit gun shy as many of the throws from the pocket he attempts are off of his back foot pedaling backwards. This was as clear as day against the Cowboys. It is a shame. Griffin III exploded on the scene as a rookie. He was one of the league’s most exciting players. A lot of that electrifying ability that had fans dying for more seems to have faded after a serious knee injury.

On this night, it didn’t look like Griffin III out there. It looked like a hobbled quarterback struggling to find his game. Let’s hope for the game of football’s sake that he finds it soon.

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