San Francisco 49ers: Vernon Davis, Colin Kaepernick Clearly Have Chemistry

By Lucas Carreras
Davis, Kaepernick Chemistry
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Even after a 2012 postseason which saw Vernon Davis make several big time catches from throws delivered to him by Colin Kaepernick, there was still talk coming into 2013 as to whether or not Kaepernick and Davis would have the “chemistry” to form a viable passing partnership. After the San Francisco 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals 32-20 on Sunday, Davis and Kaepernick dispelled the last bit of talk as to whether they have developed the necessary chemistry to form a more than viable passing partnership.

The fact that Davis had a career game with a 180 receiving yards, eight receptions, and two touchdowns is  a testament to the fact that Davis and Kaepernick have already formed the necessary chemistry. The biggest testament to the fact that these two have developed some rapport was seen in Kaepernick’s two touchdown passes, both of which were caught by Davis. The significance to them is that they were passes 20 yards beyond the line of scrimmage that went for 61 and 35 yards respectively.

The fact that Kaepernick targeted Davis on these two long touchdown passes shows that his first option on said deep balls is Davis and that does not happen if they do not have the necessary chemistry. In addition, Kaepernick also targeted Davis on 11 occasions, which was the team high for this game.

The fact of the matter was that Kaepernick and Davis were always going to form and develop that necessary chemistry. Many questioned if they could or would be able to focused too much on the fact that Kaepernick preferred throwing to Michael Crabtree when he took over as a starter. This was in part because it was easier for Kaepernick to quickly form that partnership with a wide receiver and because opposing defenses preferred to take away Davis as a target.

As the performance in a win against the Cardinals on Sunday proved, any remaining talk or question as to whether Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis could form a rapport that could beat opposition defenses is put to rest. It is clear that they have taken what they started in last season’s postseason run to the Super Bowl and carried it into this season to show that they have developed chemistry and they have developed it into a very effective partnership.

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