Tom Brady Orchestrates Yet Another Game-Winning Drive For New England Patriots

By Ryan Wenzell
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Terrific. He certainly lived up to that moniker on Sunday afternoon. Tom Brady orchestrated an almost picture-perfect game-winning drive with a minute and change on the clock to hand the New Orleans Saints their first loss. It was certainly a memorable day in Boston between Brady and the New England Patriots game-winning drive and David Ortiz‘s walk-off home run for the Boston Red Sox.

Getting back to football, what Brady is doing is simply astonishing. He has led the Patriots to a 5-1 record despite being without his favorite tight end in Rob Gronkowski, seeing Wes Welker gone to free agency, his new slot weapon Danny Amendola being in and out of the lineup, and having to throw to a pair of rookie receivers in Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson.

While Peyton Manning may be having the best statistical season of any quarterback, it may be Brady pulling off the most impressive feat in leading this team to a 5-1 record. Brady was well, Brady late in the game. The Saints’ offense had multiple chances to ice the game but failed to do so.

Who is one man you never want to give second and third chances to get the football? You guessed it. Brady. Once Brady got the ball back again with a little more than a minute remaining, there was just a feeling in the air that he was going to do what was necessary to win the game. Bang. Just like that in two plays, they were already at the 30-yard line.

A few plays later, they were in the end zone. Brady’s throw to Thompkins to win the game was a thing of beauty. An absolute dime. The throw needed to be perfect with tight coverage and it was. That is Brady for you.

When all is said and done, Brady may not have the best numbers of any quarterback in league history. He does have one thing you can’t measure. The clutch gene. There is simply no quarterback that has ever done it better when the game is on the line. Tom Terrific strikes again.

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