Where Do The New York Giants Go From Here?

By Brian Schwartz
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the 27-21 loss to the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants are 0-6 for the first time since 1976. With this most recent failure I’m no longer going to say that the Giants need to win certain games to stay in contention for a playoff spot. I’m also not going to continue to preach that the Giants are better than their record shows and they have the ability to pull themselves out of this dry run. The bottom line is the 2013 Giants are a bad football team. I’ve previously discussed where they need to improve in order to win games, but after watching all six losses, I’ve come to the conclusion that this team is hopeless in all phases of their game. That being said, the Giants have to start moving on from this season and prepare for a long offseason. The only way to get through this nightmare is to begin the process of developing the youth on the team.

With injuries to David Wilson and Da’Rel Scott, the Giants need to start giving younger running backs a chance at the position. With the outstanding performance by Brandon Jacobs on Thursday against the Bears, clearly he’s going to be the starter. However, that leaves plenty of holes to be filled on the depth chart. Players such as Michael Cox and soon to be healthy Andre Brown should be given more playing time if the Giants want to start building for the future. In the case of Brown, he had a strong preseason and was expected to be the starter before he broke his leg during the last game of the preseason against the New England Patriots.

As everyone knows, the reason the Giants offense has been struggling boils down to the atrocious offensive line. Their poor play only leads to one solution: They all must go. I don’t think any of the starting offensive linemen should be able to return to the Giants next season. That being said, the Giants can make short term improvements to their offensive line by giving the backups a chance to play. One of the backup linemen that has had a chance to make an impact on the field is left guard James Brewer. While he’s been a culprit of a few mistakes that have led to Eli Manning being sacked, he’s also proved that he could be a strong option for the Giants for years to come.

Another linemen the Giants need to keep an eye on is right guard Brandon Mosley. Similar to Brewer in that he’s made mistakes, particularly in the game against the Carolina Panthers, Mosley is going to be the player to replace David Diehl. The reason Mosley is going to be the better option at that position over Diehl is because the veteran guard has proven that he can’t overcome injuries. For the past three seasons, Diehl has found a way to be injured and he never returns as the same player. On the other hand, Mosley is a young guard who has what it takes to be a future talent on an offensive line that needs to start making changes this season.

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