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5 Possible Trades For New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks

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New York Giants: 5 Possible Trades For Hakeem Nicks

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There’s talk of the New York Giants trading Hakeem Nicks, and in some ways it makes sense. This is a team that is not going anywhere, has major holes, but has depth at receiver. While Victor Cruz just got paid—no one wants that contract— Nicks could be traded for the rest of the season to a team trying to get over the hump and provide a legitimate threat toward winning the Super Bowl.

The question comes down to what the Giants can get for him. Many fans might believe they could get a first rounder, but this is very unlikely. First round picks are extremely valuable because they play on very cheap contracts. Even if the player is a bust, they do not cost much. If Nicks does not play, the team that traded for him would still have to pay him a ton. He simply does not have the same value as an early pick. Nicks is useful, but he will only be on a good contract for 10 more games. After that, whoever trades for him will have to pay him big bucks, and it is probably much cheaper just to keep the pick.

All that being said, he has value and the Giants may consider making a move. What they need to get back is help at other weak positions or draft picks. Both will help in the future, which is where they should be looking right now. However, the offers they get probably will not lead to trades. The Giants really value Nicks, and teams are often greedy with draft picks.

If the Giants do decide to pull the trigger here are 5 possible trades, listed from least appealing to most appealing.

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5. Atlanta Falcons Give 3rd Round Pick for Nicks

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The Atlanta Falcons would only be taking on Nicks for a lease until Julio Jones comes back. That means they will be much less willing to part with value. Signing a player for one year is dangerous, especially when your team is only 1-4. Reports have listed the Falcons as one of the more serious suitors, but it would seem like an odd move. They would only do it if they could get Nicks cheaply, but the Giants value him too much to do that. This trade is both unappealing for the Giants and seemingly a waste for Atlanta, but because there are reports of interest, it seems possible.

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4. Baltimore Ravens Give 3rd and 6th Round Picks for Nicks

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The Baltimore Ravens have had a tough go of it and Joe Flacco looks terrible given how much he gets paid. They are second in the division at 3-3 and may miss the playoffs after just winning the Super Bowl. One way to help spark Flacco and the offense is to improve at wide receiver. They are very thin there and probably hope that that is the source of Flacco’s issues, as opposed to some intrinsic problem. They may or may not want Nicks long term and thus may be more likely to give more to the Giants, but not much more. This is a team that could miss the playoffs and have a relatively valuable pick, so giving up two draft spots is a steep price.

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3. Detroit Lions Give a 3rd Round Pick and Mikel Leshoure

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The Detroit Lions have all kinds of injuries at wide receiver. First, Nate Burleson broke his arm, and now Calvin Johnson has missed two weeks and it is unclear when he will be 100 percent again. Nicks would really help out that offense this year and possibly aid Detroit in nabbing a playoff spot or even the division. Detroit may have some long term interest in Nicks as a way to relieve pressure off of Johnson. They are also likely to be willing to give up Mikel Leshoure, as Reggie Bush has been very effective for them in the run game. The Giants are desperate for solid running backs now, but with Andre Brown coming back soon, adding a solid player like Leshoure is less significant than it might have been a few weeks ago. Furthermore, this trade is unlikely to happen until Week 8 when David Wilson may be back. There have been rumors of this, but it seems like a stretch.

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2. New England Gives a 2nd Rounder for Nicks and the Giants' 5th

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Bill Belicheck is often greedy with draft picks, so a trade would seem odd to many. But with Tom Brady’s career so close to the end, the draft seems less important than winning. At the moment, the New England Patriots need a wide receiver as badly as the Giants need a win. They haven’t been able to function with their normal efficiency, as young players seem unable to hold onto the ball. Nicks could immediately change that and even be an asset going forward. The Patriots are all about winning this year, but without another trustworthy pass catcher it will be hard for them to win the Super Bowl. The Nicks trade makes a lot of sense for both sides here, so it is worth keeping an eye on.

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1. San Francisco 49ers Give Tarell Brown for Nicks

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Tarell Brown and Hakeem Nicks are actually a lot alike. Both are very talented players in contract years on teams who are deep at their position. After the 49ers gave Carlos Rogers a big deal, one has to wonder about how much they will be willing to pay Brown. The same applies for Nicks with Cruz. The Giants left space for Nicks, but after another solid season for Cruz, one might wonder if they will want to use their cap space elsewhere.

For the San Francisco 49ers, Nicks is exactly the kind of receiver that can help spark their passing game. They have a great offensive line and running game but need the receivers to aid Colin Kaepernick. For the Giants, cornerback is a major hole. Prince Amukamara has been great, but the second corner spot has been a problem and there is simply no one talented enough to hold up there. Brown is a top corner himself and could easily slide in there for Big Blue. Simply put, this trade is good for both sides and would improve both teams. Hopefully both sides take the time to consider this move, because it could be a good one.

Everyone must remember, though, that big trades rarely happen mid-season in the NFL, so the best bet is always that the trade will fall through. Giants’ fans may have strong opinions either way on this trade, but regardless of their feelings, do not expect Nicks to be moved this season.