5 Things We Learned From NFL Week 6

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The 5 Things We Learned From The NFL Week 6

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Just when you think you've got the NFL figured out, something happens that you can't quite explain. For instance, how is it that the Jacksonville Jaguars can only score three points against the Indianapolis Colts, but can hang with the Denver Broncos for the first half of the game -- a game in which Denver was favored by four touchdowns. Somehow, Denver only won by 16 points. Also, how disappointed were we that they only scored 35 points against Jacksonville? After dropping 51 the week before, I was certain they were going to put up 70.

This was also the week I realized how bad next Monday night's football game is going to be. Every year, there is that one game in which the schedule makers anticipate a good game, but in reality, it turns out to have no appeal because of how bad the teams are. Next week is that game. The 1-4 Minnesota Vikings will be playing the 0-6 New York Giants. Speaking of the Giants, shouldn't the question "Who is going to win first: Jacksonville or New York?" start making headlines? Both teams are 0-6. Most people expected Jacksonville to struggle, but nobody predicted the Giants would have this many problems.

Just when you think you have certain teams figured out, they play completely opposite and mess things up. The St. Louis Rams showed up and showed out against the Houston Texans on Sunday. Of course, the spectacle of the Houston crowd cheering when Matt Schaub was injured put a damper on the game itself. People pay money and have the right to do whatever they want when they go to a game. If they want to cheer or boo a player or an official, they have every right to do that. However, it's a classless move to cheer when someone gets injured.

The Cincinnati Bengals handed the New England Patriots their first loss a week ago, yet they needed overtime to defeat the injury-riddled Buffalo Bills. Buffalo started a quarterback that was on the practice squad a week earlier. Thad Lewis was activated to the 53-man roster on Monday and was mounting a second-half comeback on Sunday. Trailing 24-10, Lewis brought the Bills back and forced overtime. Eventually they would lose to the Bengals, but the young quarterback showed promising signs. Here are five more thing we learned from Week 6 in the NFL.

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5. There's an epidemic in Houston

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I'm not talking about a sickness of any kind. However, I think we have learned from this week that throwing a pick-six is contagious. After Schaub had thrown one in an NFL-record four-straight games, T.J. Yates came in and conveniently threw a pick-six -- running the streak to five-straight games.

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4. Now we have two

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Raise your hands if you had the Denver Broncos starting the season at 6-0. OK, now raise your hands if you had the Kansas City Chiefs doing the same. There might be two of you with your hands raised and I think your names are Andy Reid and Alex Smith. What those two have done is quite amazing. The team that went 2-14 last season has now tripled their win total in less than half the year.

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3. The quote that made me laugh

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“We’re all sick of it,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “We’re all sick of losing, but we put ourselves in this position. There is only one way to get out of it.”

Of course, Coughlin is referring to the Giants being 0-6. What made me laugh, though, was the phrase "There is only one way to get out of it." I'm glad he cleared this up, because I thought there were multiple ways to get out of a losing streak.

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2. I hope you stayed for the end

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If for some reason you decided to get up and leave the room when the Saints punted the ball back to the Patriots with about 1:30 left in the game, you're probably wondering why the Saints are now 5-1, instead of 6-0. If you did step out at this point, you did see the Saints' offense and it's inability to secure a first down in its final two possessions that would have iced the game for them. Regardless, Tom Brady did what he does best and that's march down the field in crunch time and put his team in a position to win the game.

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1. And the Oscar goes to...

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Adrian Peterson. What a tragic week this young man had. Peterson somehow put aside his emotions and went out and did what he loved to do on Sunday. This happening just a few days after finding out his two-year-old son had been beaten to death by the baby's mother's boyfriend. What a tragic story and a reminder to all of us that life is precious and everyday we live, we should let our loved ones know how much we appreciate them.