Carolina Panthers vs Saint Louis Rams: Quarterback Breakdown

By Patrick Newton
Cam Newton
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers have a great chance in Week 7 to prove their worth and improve their overall record to 3-3. They will be facing the Saint Louis Rams, who have a 3-3 record. The Rams have a good, young team, however, their defense lacks consistency and their offense lacks dangerous playmakers.

Since the offseason, the Rams got rid of their two best offensive players in Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola. The Rams’ offense is very young and has a bunch of great players who just haven’t made a huge name for themselves. Rams quarterback Sam Bradford is having a great season; so far, he has thrown 13 touchdown passes with only three interceptions. Bradford has an extra year of experience in the NFL over Cam Newton, and he has proven himself to be a good leader and a relatively consistent quarterback. Bradford has also thrown seven touchdowns since his last interception. He has a good offensive line that keeps him off his back.

Bradford has out shined Panthers quarterback Newton in passing yards, passing touchdowns and less interceptions thrown. Newton has also been sacked a few more times than Bradford throughout the season, however, Newton is still a more dangerous threat than Bradford. Newton has the speed and agility to scramble with the ball and break for a long play. He has more than 150 rushing yards with two touchdowns, whereas Bradford only has 30 rushing yards and no touchdowns. If Newton plays with confidence and is accurate with the ball, he can have a huge breakout game. In the two wins for the Panthers, Newton has thrown six touchdowns and only one interception, and has also rushed for a touchdown in both games. He was the ultimate difference maker that allowed the Panthers to come away with a win.

The difference makers in this game will be the players that surround these quarterbacks. Newton has more experienced players at the skilled position. He has veteran players such as Steve Smith to catch passes and make big plays with his feet. Newton also has DeAngelo Williams, who is a consistent running back with speed and power. Bradford has a very young offense who have had breakout games, but not the consistency or experience to be considered a top player. Bradford and the Rams will be a force to reckon with in a few years with more experience and team chemistry. However, this week, the Panthers’ offense has the advantage. The Panthers have a lot to prove this week, and should be able to walk away with a win in Week 7.

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