Indianapolis Colts' Play-Calling Single-Handedly Led to Defeat vs. San Diego Chargers

By Eric Smith
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night’s loss to the San Diego Chargers was a complete embarrassment for the Indianapolis Colts. They beat themselves on both sides of the ball all night. It’s one thing to beat yourself against an upper tier team, but when it’s the Chargers who just lost to the Oakland Raiders by 10 points the week prior and a team who won’t even sniff playoff hopes this year it becomes infuriating.

We can point to a number of factors for why Indianapolis lost. We could point to the defense, the dropped balls, Greg Toler, etc., but the biggest reason was the play calling by this team. Pep Hamilton for some reason reverted back to the early weeks as he called a horrid game for the Colts.

He barely took any shots downfield at a weak Chargers secondary. When he did dial up plays downfield they worked and the Colts put points on the scoreboard. Sometime execution would work but then on play action no shots downfield as a speedy T.Y. Hilton took place.

That’s inexcusable.

Another thing that was evident was the lack of plays called to the first down marker. When the Colts would need say three or four yards they’d throw short of the first down line. That made no sense. Why put training wheels back on Andrew Luck? He’s proven he can be a winner and beat defenses. Why would they take the game out of his hands and make him a game manager against a bad defense and a bad team?

Even with all the horrid plays on both sides of the ball the Colts got the ball late in the fourth quarter down six. That was the typical Colts fashion where Luck leads them down the field to get yet another come from behind fourth quarter victory. The stage was set.

Only this time it didn’t happen. The play-calling on that last possession was atrocious. They didn’t take any chances and were forced to yet another three-and-out which after all was said and done resulted in their second loss of the season. Don’t credit the Chargers defense on this; it was all lost by the Colts. They didn’t execute and had every option to. Shame on Hamilton and his horrid play-calling.

Eric Smith is the Colts Beat Writer for Rant Sports. He’s covered the team the past four seasons and is recognized as an accredited member of the media by the Colts. Follow him on Twitter @Ericsportsguru

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