Minnesota Vikings Shouldn't Start Josh Freeman Before He's Ready

By Chris Schaeder
Minnesota Vikings can't afford to rush Freeman
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier announced Monday that he wants the decision on the team’s starting quarterback for next game to be made on Wednesday. Although Frazier hopes to make this critical decision my midweek, it’s important that he and the rest of the organization don’t rush Josh Freeman into starting.

It may seem obvious that the team can’t rush Freeman before he’s ready to start, but this is a team that’s 1-4 and reeks of desperation. After Matt Cassel and the offense’s dismal performance against Carolina Panthers, it’s clear that Josh Freeman will be the starter. It’s not a question of will Freeman start, but when. If the Vikings want to give Freeman a fair chance as the team’s quarterback of the future, they must put him in the best possible position to succeed. It’s evident Freeman’s knowledge of the offense will determine his position on the depth chart, but he’s not comfortable starting against the New York Giants on Monday, then there’s nothing wrong with starting Cassel again.

Cassel might not deserve another chance to start, but the team can’t rely on its plan to move on from the Christian Ponder era. Vikings fans want to see what Freeman can do after the nightmarish game against Carolina, but having him start before he’s ready will hurt the quarterback and the team’s pursuit to find their franchise quarterback. Barring a miracle finish by the Vikings, this is a lost season and the team’s only goal is to determine if Freeman is their franchise quarterback.

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