New York Jets' Rex Ryan Is Ready To Bring The Heat

By Harrison Turkheimer
Rex Ryan
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is once again running his mouth. This time, the coach has decided to send a challenge out to the MetLife Stadium faithful. Issuing his challenge, Ryan said Monday that “they will win the game if the fans can re-create the raucous stadium atmosphere from Sept. 20, 2009. That day, the Jets hit New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady so hard and so often, that they beat the stuffing out of his UGG boots — that is, if he wore them in those days.”

Coach Ryan went on to say that it was so loud that day, that he could feel the ground shaking beneath his feet. Now, as a Jets fan, this is something that I welcome (although not home in New York); it’s a rally cry to the faithful. The fans know that this team is in need of a win, and that the Jets cannot be home back-to-back weeks (only time until Week 13 and Week 14) and go 0-2. All that said, if fans remember correctly, in 2009 the Jets were playing in the dump across the parking lot, aka Giants Stadium; this was a venue that was a little tighter than the new digs of MetLife Stadium. The Jets’ new home simply doesn’t have the same atmosphere. So, once again, coach Ryan does put his words out there for the Patriots to do with what they choose.

This, of course, is not the first time coach Ryan is running his mouth. Jets fans embraced his bravado in the past, and lately it’s been more of shame than stout. Yet, when it comes to the rivalry against the bitterly hated Patriots, Jets fans will always come out in numbers. For Ryan’s sake, this team needs to come out on top. Fans and the media have seen what this team is capable of doing, and especially in front of the home crowd, nothing would make them roar louder than to see Brady leave the New York/New Jersey area with a loss.

The Jets reported last week that Ryan may be back for 2014, but faster than a New York minute, these next three games can decide his fate, his future, and the grip in the young Jets squad.

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