One Big Improvement Baltimore Ravens Must Make

By Michael Terrill
One Big Improvement Baltimore Ravens Must Make
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who watched the Baltimore Ravens lose to the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday knows that there is one big issue that is preventing the team from excelling. The worst part about it is that the area in question is one that the Ravens should be dominating opposing teams in. What is one huge improvement Baltimore must make going forward if they want a postseason berth to become a reality?

The Ravens rank 27th in the NFL in rushing yards per game (72.7). Against Green Bay, Baltimore was unable to get anything going on the ground. In fact, they were stopped four consecutive times on the goal line in the first half, which was a move head coach John Harbaugh would regret later in the game.

To be fair, the Packers have an outstanding run defense that only allows opponents to rush for 78.2 yards per contest. Nonetheless, it is still a very big concern when an offense that has one of the more talented running backs in the league cannot gain more than 2.8 yards per carry. Ray Rice has only rushed for more than 36 yards once in five games.

Many have questioned whether the five offensive linemen are capable of making the necessary blocks as a unit to be successful in the run game. However, Harbaugh was quick to point out that is not his concern.

“I really feel strongly about our offensive line. I think we’ve got the men for the job, coaches and players,” Harbaugh said, according to “We’ve got too many situations where we don’t have a hat on a hat. When you don’t have a hat on a hat, that’s a problem. That’s just not acceptable.”

How Baltimore decides to fix the issue is something that must be figured out immediately. There is no time to continue with the struggles, especially with three straight games against division opponents. The team will have their bye in Week 8, which could be a good time to figure out how to improve the rushing attack. At this point, it is imperative to build as much momentum as possible against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday so that the progress can carry over against their next few opponents.

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