Peyton Manning is MVP, But Resurgence of Knowshon Moreno Has Been Integral to Denver Broncos

By Cody Williams

We know that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is really good at the game of football and that he seems to be on his way to a record-setting, MVP-worthy season through the first seven weeks of the 2013 NFL season. 2,179 yards, 22 touchdowns and two interceptions isn’t too shabby for a 37-year-old that many people counted out coming off of his neck surgeries heading into last season.

Manning’s performance has been unprecedentedly great this season, but it’s also overshadowed a lot of the great things that other Broncos players have done this year, namely running back Knowshon Moreno.

Moreno has been around the league and with the Broncos for a bit now, drafted in the first round of the 2009 draft by Denver. In his four seasons prior to 2013, Moreno has never had 1,000 yard season (947 yards in his rookie year is his career-high) and his career-high in touchdowns for a season is seven, also happening in his rookie year. In recent seasons, though, he’s been a relative non-factor on this Broncos team. That’s far from the case now.

Through six games, Moreno, who many people didn’t even project as the starter coming into the year, has 373 yards on 80 carries and has already matched his career-high with seven scores on the ground. Moreover, he’s been a factor catching passes from Manning as well, taking 20 receptions for 189 yards this season.

For a player not even projected to start, Moreno has been fantastic. He’s found rejuvenation in his speed, his quickness and with his vision and the results have been obvious. Sure, he’s benefitted from the fact that Manning has been so dominant in the passing game, but that doesn’t discredit what Moreno has brought to this team. The Broncos would be one of the best teams in the league with just Manning and their receiving core, but Moreno’s performance has elevated them to elite status.

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