Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Michael Vick To Get One Last Shot at QB

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Vick
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

It’s once again decision time for the Philadelphia Eagles at the quarterback position. If fans have that feeling of here we go again, it’s certainly well-founded. Michael Vick and Nick Foles are once again both in the running for the starting spot. Chip Kelly‘s decision was nearly made for him in week six as Foles stepped up to the plate and got the Eagles a road win in Tampa. But now word of Vick’s healing hamstring has everyone in the dark as to who might be behind center in week seven.

Kelly is leaning heavily on Vick’s health when it comes to this decision: “Until we know what the health is I’m not saying what anybody is. All our decisions on who is going to play is based on health.”

It’s hard to get a read on this. Is Kelly secretly wanting to turn the team over to Foles, or does he truly want to start Vick if he’s healthy? I think we can all agree that starting a 75 percent Vick would not be a good decision. If he feels the same as he did in week six, the decision is an easy one. But if he’s near full health, it has to be tempting for Kelly to go with the veteran for Sunday’s big showdown with the Dallas Cowboys.

If I had to pick a starter at this point in the week, I’m going with Vick. It seems clear that this team hasn’t given up on him. His experience gives him an edge in this crucial mid-season divisional showdown. Plus, it would be easy for Kelly to pull him an insert Foles if Vick shows he not up to the task.

Michael Vick hasn’t played great this season, but there’s no doubt that he’s still a big part of this team’s heart.


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