5 Biggest Trash-Talkers in NFL

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Top Five Trash-Talkers In NFL Today

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One of the things that attracts fans to football is the eccentric behavior of many athletes who are not only great football players, but pure entertainers.

The NFL is full of controversial players who love adding to the game by running their mouths ... sometimes too much.

Many players not only talk on the field, but have taken their trash talking to the web, using social media platforms to be heard by fans at any given moment. It's truly up for debate if this method is one that discredits the player's gamesmanship and professionalism, or if it is just an added ingredient to what makes football as entertaining and successful as it is in today's society.

Individuals like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell like to fine players excessive amounts for showing personality and doing what they're paid to do -- entertain.

These athletes have worked their entire lives to be on one of the biggest stages in existence. They shouldn't be penalized for being the emotional competitors that they are.

Competition is something that is as old as humanity itself. Organized sports date back thousands of years. The ability to go out and compete against others is what drives athletes to get better. They want to get the best of their opponents not only physically, but mentally.

Being able to get in an opponent's head is what separates many players from others. We all remember the mouth on Terrell Owens, who was infamous for being one of the biggest characters in professional sports for years. T.O. could back up his mouth with his play, where many other players can't.

The list of established trash-talkers in the NFL is rather lengthy, so here's my top five guys who are the best at getting in the heads of opposing players and backing it up with their play on the field.

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5. Terrell Suggs

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Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens is a pure stud and he isn't afraid to let anybody know about it.

"T-sizzle" is constantly in the ear of opposing players, and he has been known to actively post pictures on Twitter of him wearing shirts with explicit terms used to describe the team he will be facing that week.

With the departure of future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis, Suggs has had to take up more of the Ravens' trash talk on defense, which he does with exceptional ability.

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4. Steve Smith

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Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has been a constant presence in Carolina's passing the game over the last 13 years, and his career truly seemed to take off two years ago with the addition of quarterback Cam Newton.

Few guys will get in a fight with their own teammates, Smith is one of them.

Along with fighting his own teammates, he has a tendency to start a ruckus with opposing players as well. Smith is no stranger to a scrap on or off the field.

Smith's mouth has had him in and out of trouble over the course of his career, and it doesn't look like it will be stopping any time soon.

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3. DeSean Jackson

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There are times where wide receiver DeSean Jackson is a little bit more of a burden than what is necessary for the Philadelphia Eagles.

You name it -- Jackson's name has been associated with nearly every level of trash-talking: Twitter battles with kickers, badmouthing opposing defensive coordinators, even going as far as publicly taking jabs at his former quarterback Donovan McNabb after he was traded by Philly.

Although Jackson's on the field play backs up his mouth, he needs to show some maturity and turn into the elite player he has the physical talent to be.

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2. Cortland Finnegan

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St. Louis Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan is in a class by himself at terrorizing opposing receivers.

Whether he is getting beat up by the typically docile Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson or getting into it with his coaches for his ejections from games and dirty plays that result in penalties, Finnegan is the ultimate antagonist and has openly came out to the media stating he wishes to be the dirtiest player in the NFL.

Guys like Finnegan make football exciting to watch.

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1. Richard Sherman

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"You mad bro?"

Nobody talks big in more situations than cornerback Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. Sherman has become the poster boy of trash talk through his harassment of, well, everyone.

It doesn't matter if it's Skip Bayless or New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Sherman's mouth and the fact that he went to Stanford and had a couple of interceptions last year seems to be on repeat every time he opens his mouth.

He speaks as if he is the greatest corner to ever play the game and he's only in his third season. The logical mind would realize that he needs a bit of a reality check.

Sherman's mouth is obviously effective. He is the best defensive back in the best secondary in football.

That has to say something.