Houston Texans Rumors: Tim Tebow Signing Would Bottom Out Franchise

Matt Schaub‘s recent struggles have been well documented. His play has been the main reason why the Houston Texans‘ have failed so far in 2013. Now heading into week seven, the Texans have a date with the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and they still don’t know who will behind center. T.J. Yates and Case Keenum are both in the running to get the nod, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

So it’s with that uncertainty at QB that the internet has started to blow up with Tim Tebow rumors. Despite no reliable sources linking the popular QB to Houston, the chatter still exists. Why? Is anyone’s guess.

The Texans may have hit bottom in week six when fans cheered Schaub’s leg injury, but the signing of Tebow would certainly top that. This team would have to be absolutely desperate to bring in QB the caliber of the former Heisman trophy winner. Sure, Tebow and Arian Foster could probably tear it up on the ground, but the Texans are a team that relies the passing game.

Tebow tossing the pigskin to Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins is a laughable concept. It just flat out wouldn’t work.

So for those Texans’ fans who keep seeing the unemployed QB’s name linked to their team, don’t worry. There’s less than a one percent chance of the signing taking place. Houston needs to see what it has in Yates and Keenum, who are both clearly better pro QBs than Tebow ever will be.


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  • Lori Cornetti

    Fisher u r a first class d-bag….ur next “article” will be how Tebow can’t help the Bucs, Raiders, Browns. Your hatred for Tebow shows when u refer to him as “former punt protector” as if he isn’t a playoff winning QB. How can u say Case Keenum is clearly a better pro QB when he’s never even started ONE GAME? The most laughable thing is if u think u r a valid sportswriter! Do they pay u to write this crap??

  • IsaishthomasVs DiegoSantana

    Browns is the best choice

  • Post Corner

    Fisher is a tool.

  • JJ bron

    Tim Tebow is good for the league. If you’re a gentile, I respect your opinion. If you’re another ‘Passion of the Christ’ hater, I don’t listen or pay attention to you. Neither do my family or friends. You guys destroyed a great country and have no shame.

  • TigerGator

    Fisher your employer is wasting their money. For all you do is take old hate articles and add your own demented twist. Most of your articles are just that, they should be considered duplicated searches and deleted from the net by proxy. Along with the poison pen you use and have the gall to sign your name as if they were something to be proud. You are classless!!

  • http://www.myhealingoils.info/ Sara Chase

    This is not an article. It is merely an opinion blog. Author not a journalist, but merely a frustrated blogger

  • Richard_Romano

    Ridiculous article. Tebow had no trouble burning Pittsburgh for over 300 yards passing. The guy is clearly a fool

  • usedtobeconservative

    This piece is an extended exercise in trolling disguised as an “article.”