Kansas City Chiefs: Have Houston Texans Fans Seen Cool Hand Luke?

By Troy Alan
Troy Taormina – USA Today Sports

One of my favorite scenes in the classic film Cool Hand Luke is the prison-yard fight in which George Kennedy’s character “Dragline” is putting the beat down on Lucas Jackson (Paul Newman). Despite the repeated pleas of fellow inmates to “Stay down,” Luke just keeps getting back up and swinging. Eventually, Dragline just walks away.

The Kansas City Chiefs‘ defense has been beating up on opposing quarterbacks in their yard this season despite them being highly-touted threats. Kansas City has been challenged to a fight on their own turf three times so far this season.

The NFL first sent the flashy, and then-undefeated, Tony Romo into the ring. Known to stand in there and sling punches, he’s probably fared the best. He landed 71 percent of his blows on target and scored early. He had only been knocked down twice before Ron Parker knocked him out with a sack, strip and fumble recovery in the final minutes.

The beaten down but hungry two-time former world champ Eli Manning was the next to try his hand inside Arrowhead Stadium. He struck with less than 50 percent accuracy, and hit the wrong man once. Manning picked himself up off his back three times in the bout. Unfortunately for him, he had lost his marble on two of the occasions, and the Chiefs had picked it up.

Then last weekend, a talented up-and-comer in the league reared his head in Kansas City. Terrelle Pryor was hoping to intimidate the Chiefs’ defense with his size, speed and precision. He put just over half of his throws on the mark, and displayed excellent speed. He covered 60 yards running for his life. Pryor found himself looking at the bright light nine times. Thrice he punched himself in the face. Husain Abdullah caught one delivery in his hand and proceeded to the wood shed. Pryor didn’t follow, and the scrap was over.

On Sunday, the Houston Texans will waltz into Arrowhead having never left a dance there without the girl. (Only the Baltimore Ravens and they have never lost in Kansas City.) Their quarterback, Matt Schaub, is injured. He left last week’s loss to the St. Louis Rams with an ankle injury.

Much has been made of Texans fans cheering the injury of their own QB. Perhaps they are just trying to help a fellow out by sending the message “Stay down.”

The Chiefs’ defense isn’t gonna simply walk away.

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